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Ls to cd009 adapter kit

Display all pictures. Condition: New product. There are 3 different bearing size and you need to select the right now when you order. Check picture below. More details. Availability date:. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Add to cart. Add to wishlist. This adapter require a Toyota J1 SC automatic or 1jz vvti or J3 2jz automatic transmission bellhousing from an a automatic transmission.

Budget LS Swap Miata Pt.11 Transmission Modification and Install

With the J1 adapter a W58 2jz flywheel and pressure plate is required. This means, if you're running a 2jz with an w58 transmission 5 spd you can reuse the flywheel AND the pressure plate.

The only part to change in your clutch kit is the clutch disc. We can supply brand new flywheel and clutch kit. With the J3 bellhousing, a W55 IS manual flywheel is required. The W55 flywheel is much thicker than the W58 flywheel.

Pressure plate can be a W55 or W A T56 Slave cylinder is required. You can add one to your cart here. AN4 hydraulic line adapter for the T56 slave cylinder is included. Clutch line is not included. A solution to get the shifter at the right place. Distance is ajustable A custom drive shaft we can supply steel or aluminium driveshaft OR we can supply the slip yoke and you can build a custom driveshaft by your local driveshaft specialist.

We also have the differential 3 bolts to adapter plate.By hwvigoMarch 26, in Drivetrain. Its time for some changes in my Z due to a knock in the bottom end. I have made the decisions to go the LS route with a manual trans. I did some digging and found that a adapter plat is made by Collins performance technologies. I support this.

ls to cd009 adapter kit

I made an adapter plate to use between the engine and trans instead of cutting off the bellhousing. One thing that you might be concerned about is the torque rating for the Z trans vs. I'm actually doing the exact same swap. I'm starting with a cammed 4. If it holds I'll be adding some boost. I have already ordered and received the Collins adapter. I guess the LS ecm can have some drive ability problems if they do not have a signal.

Well I finally got the bell housing cut off last night and everything fit great. I'm really impressed with the quality of the adapter. The only think I had to do was take a reamer and open the dowel hole a few thousandths. I just used a cut off wheel to get rid of the original bell housing and then used a new T56 bell from american power train. All the bolts were labeled great and start to finish it only took about 1. The biggest fear is the cutting part so just go slow and you'll be fine.

Hmm, I checked the folder on flikr, everything is marked public in this album?

LS SWAPS: Engine and Driveline Guide

Is there a different place to host? Are you not able to see the thumbnails at all? So what dimension do you end up with from the front of the new bellhousing to the center of the shifter and the tailshaft?

Very interested to see how this works out.By hokeNovember 26, in Vendor's Forum. I have been working on a L28 - Z33 transmission adapter. I wanted to start a thread here to check on the current interest level so I can prioritize some of my projects Working on L28 intake, LS2 mounting kit, In-Tank EFI pump setup, and this adapter!

These transmissions are strong, plentiful, and reasonably priced used or available new if you have the funds. The transmissions are close ratio and the shifting feel is awesome. The updated version with the most reobust syncros is a CD but they will all bolt up using the same adapter. The initial goal for the setup is to provide a mounting kit that allows for a VQ35DE 6 Speed transmission to bolt directly to the L28 with minimal modification to the transmission no machining.

This is accomplished with an adapter plate, precision flywheel spacer, starter bellhousing, shifter relocator, and various hardware.

The resulting kit will be a little more expensive due to the additional parts but the ease of installation I think will be work it. I am confident I can do a 'machined' version similar to the Z32 setup but I wanted to start the first prototypes as the no-machine design and analyze the setup from there.

Right now the L28 clutch and flywheel will be used, but I have considered doing a custom flywheel which would eliminate the spacer and allow for a z clutch to be used but I think the cost would be prohibitive. I hope to have a complete kit ready to test by the end of the year and will then look for somebody who is interested in volunteering to have the transmission installed in their vehicle and then test it out!

I have serial projects going on right now but I hope the timeline for this doesn't get bumped too much.

ls to cd009 adapter kit

I've attached a few pictures and look forward to hearing any thoughts or feedback. FWIW I post the most recent updates for project on my facebook page and then my website as I have time.

ls to cd009 adapter kit

Oh wow, sounds very interesting. I will be keeping an eye on this project. I had no idea you had a Facebook page. I've been looking back at your l28et stuff recently, and was drooling over the intercooler setup that came from you currently in the for sale section.

Let's see if I can source a good Z33 transmission around here Interesting transmissions. Must be super smooth. Looks like they used about a 3. A custom friction disk would be required. From my standpoint it would be be harder are more expensive to adapt although very doable as many people have done so but it takes custom work.

The CD trans got an initial bad rap due to some syncro issues from the earlier years however the version has proven to be bullet proof and hold very high power more then anything I have seen from a L First gear is very short and may require a lower diff like a 3. I am running the VQ35DE and 6 speed transmission in my car with a 3.

I have had the earlier, none CD, transmissions in my z and my z and haven't had any issues with them. Z32 Ratios.Asheville, NC. Our Z32 transmission adapters have worked well, but the hardest part for many folks is finding a machine shop capable of modifying the bellhousing at a reasonable cost. A key feature for this design was to come up with a solution that required little to no machining and can be done in the home garage.

The transmissions are wonderful to drive, they are very smooth and the shifting feel is direct. Turbo guys may want to opt for a 3. All CD transmissions are interchangeable and can be had used for a reasonable price, especially earlier revisions, new transmissions are also available for under dollars.

To kick off the project the 6spd bellhousing and block were delivered to a local machine shop with accurate measuring equipment. A CMM was used to capture the engine block mounting dimensions along with the crank centerline. The same was done with the transmission bellhousing except a vertical milling center was used for location which allowed us the reach to measure the input shaft bearing surface. Profiles for the bellhousing and engine block were transferred by hand and scanned into the computer for digitization.

The accurate bolt and alignment feature measurements along with the perimeter profiles provided the building block for the adapter plate design. The first piece of the puzzle was to adapt the mounting patterns between the engine and transmission.

Patterns were clocked in relation to one another to orient the transmission properly and maintain critical alignment features. This design makes for a stiff, thin plate, with minimal offset aiding in the no-machine design. With the adpater plate design complete a few prototypes were made. The plate starts out as a laser cut blank which is then finish machined in a CNC mill. The final product turned out great with the engine and transmission aligning as intended.

The next challange was to properly align the L-Series clutch with the 6spd transmission input shaft and clutch hydraulics. The stock L-Series and 6Spd share the same input spline count. However the z's dual mass flywheel and clutch assembly is much taller then the L-Series which places the input shaft splines further away from the engine.

The adapter also moves the transmission out a little further. These differences require the relocation of the L-Series clutch which can either be accomplished through a flwheel spacer, or a new custom flywheel.All premium Magento themes at magentothemesworld.

High-Performance Adds. Prepping for the LS install The LS Install Here we have the Aisin AR5 with the bellhousing removed on the left, and the two engines next to each other on the right.

The LS has had the motor mounts from Current Performance installed at this point. Clutch time. As I mentioned before, we do not need the clutch that comes with the Advanced Adapter kit the clutch on the left because it does not have the right spline count. Turns out that one difference between the AX15 and AR5 is that they use a different input shaft, the AR5 uses a 26 spline shaft the clutch on the right.

I went out and bought a clutch kit for a Camaro SS the clutch in the middle and it is a perfect fit.

ISR Performance - Transmission Adapter LSx to 350Z CD00x 6MT 03-08

The new bellhousing has a clutch fork for an external slave cylinder which can be removed, but the hard part is clearing out an area to make room for the AR5's internal slave cylinder. And here we have the final product I would suggest mocking up as best you can, I tried to eyeball it and took out way more material than I needed to.Select an option Includes one piece driveshaft with high strength U-joints.

Designed for 4 bolt differential flanges. Note: Steel driveshafts marked -S, aluminum driveshafts marked -A. Some transmission combinations may require a relocation shifter.

Select appropriate shifter below. This stage 1 package is ideal for a do-it-yourself type who wants to source or fabricate their own fuel linespower steering linesintakewiring etc.

For those who want a turn key engine swap setup, we offer a comprehensive Stage 3 Swap Package that includes everything needed to install and start your new LS engine. At Sikky, our goal is to innovate and design the highest quality products for the automotive performance industry. With a no compromises approach we design and manufacture our products at a level typically only seen from the Aerospace industry. Add Fuel Line Kit Select an option Fitment Notes: New kit design placing the engine lower and further back than any kit on the market today.

Requires no cutting or welding and does not hang below the cross member when installed. Does not require removal of the secondary firewall like our competitors kits do.

No cutting, drilling spot welds or modifications required, making this an easy bolt in job. Developed for left hand drive and right hand drive vehicles. Transmission — This kit is designed to work with many different transmission options.

ISR Performance - Transmission Adapter LSx to 350Z CD00x 6MT 03-08

T56, TR, and CD to name a few. Choose the appropriate transmission option from the drop down menu. You may also like…. Add to cart Show Details.

Sikky Universal T56 5. Select options Show Details. Related products. Like us on Facebook. Follow us in Instagram. About Sikky At Sikky, our goal is to innovate and design the highest quality products for the automotive performance industry.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum. Pages: [ 1 ] 2. Read times. I think this is my first post on this forum, and can't find the information I need, so i'm sorry if this has already been covered.

I'm building a 5. I already made the motor mounts and trans crossmember, and everything is already in the car mounted up. The plan is to use the factory truck computer with HP Tuners. My question is, if anybody has done this swap and done their own tuning, did you either bypass the VSS somehow in the tune, or use some type of signal? And if you used something to output a VSS signal for the computer, what did you use? I guess another question I have is, can I possibly tune the car to eliminate the need for a VSS signal?

I stripped my own harness, and eliminated the wires for the VSS signal thinking I wouldn't be using them with this combo. That was before I was told I needed the signal for the car to run right. I do have another harness laying in the garage though that I can use if I need too. The car is going to be a drift car, not much street use if any. Thanks guys! View Gallery. VSS does a couple things with idle but more importantly it will turn off your radiator fans at speed. You will need a rear end swap to make your car driveable with a LS and CD You are at redline in 6th by or so.

Take a read through this, I post it in every cd thread. Quote from: largeorangefont on October 25,PM. Quote from: cool. Cobranut Launching! Why do people keep thinking of using these transmissions? Are they just laying around in junkyards who are giving them away free? They shift much better than early T56s as well. OE parts for common platforms are much simpler and I plan to keep my stuff around for a while.

Still it makes no sense unless you have one lying in the garage. That is before you are forced to do an 8. It makes sense in something you can easily change the rear gear in though. I still maintain a new or properly rebuilt T56 shifts just fine. I already have the car put together with the CD setup.