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Bach mercedes trumpet serial numbers

Revision 1. Roy Hempley and Doug Lehrer. This article is a complete revision to Reference 1. Since the original version was written, the authors discovered an additional bell marking arrangement. They also found new material that explains certain codes found on some bells. The authors continue to review new data and try to correlate it with instruments.

They make every effort to ensure that the articles are accurate, but because of the unfolding nature of their research, even further revisions are possible.

This article discusses bell markings on New York Bach Stradivarius trumpets and cornets, i. These bell markings hold special meaning for those who play and collect older Bach instruments. They help identify the characteristics of an instrument, relate those characteristics to the evolution of Bach's designs and judge whether the instrument has significant historical interest. Nevertheless, the subject of this article is restricted to Stradivarius instruments simply because there are more of those available for examination.

The other models use many of the same markings. This article was written primarily by comparing bell stamps with data recorded on Bach's shop cards. These cards contain all of the information known about the instruments as they left the factory. Conn-Selmer, Inc. Because of the importance of the shop cards in researching Bach's trumpets, a special section about them has been included at the end of this article.

Except for his earliest instruments, Bach's bell marking arrangements all included the model name of the instrument, the company name and the name of the city in which the instrument was manufactured. As time passed, other information was added to the format.

Eventually, most of the important information on the shop cards could be found on the instruments, but the bells became cluttered and sometimes confusing. To simply things again, stamps were eliminated, and the bells were returned to a more streamlined look. The authors think that most trumpet players probably preferred the simpler look. Four marking arrangements are discussed below. The earliest New York Bach bells were relatively unadorned. They did not include model names.

Bach instruments had model names Stradivarius, Apollo and Mercury at the time, but they just were not stamped on the bells. The following shows one of these bells as well as the marking arrangement. The authors think that approximately 85 instruments were made without model names on them. A few instruments with serial numbers up to and including 79 were examined, and none have model names on them.

On the other hand, trumpets numbered 89 and beyond do. The authors assume that model names were added to instruments starting at a serial number in between. The Company Name. From the beginning of production, the company name, Vincent Bach Corporation, was stamped on each bell. Vincent Bach appears in distinctive signature form and underlined. The word Corporation follows underneath. This feature was never changed. Bell Identifiers.There are multiple sources for the Vincent Bach trumpet on the internet today.

We decided to combine into a single timeline reference to better understand the instrument serial numbers vs. Primarily used for Latin Jazz lead and solo Jazz performance. Beautiful horns! I am selling my NY Strad serial I have copy of original Factory Card, 86 years old now.

Plays beautifully. Please contact me soon. It is one of the first hand full of Mercury trumpets that came out of the factory in April of using bachs own material.

bach mercedes trumpet serial numbers

All the ones before used those Import valve bodies. Thank you. It appears that my Mt. I have never sold a musical instrument before, so pricing and determining who to trust with my horn, is a real challenge.

Gordon T. I just bought a used CML Strad C trumpet—judging by the serial numberit was apparently manufactured between andmaking it roughly the same age as my Bach B-flat. Am I correct in this?? Frank, you are correct that for a long time the C trumpet had no stop rod like the Bb horns, or any system at all to prevent the third valve slide from just flying off into space, more likely the floor. At some point they added a small perpendicular-mount screw for that function. I bought one new in and added that mechanism to the first valve slide.

I own a B flat mode 37 that as I recall my dad bought for me in the fall of Production supposedly did not start in Elkhart until ??? Can you tell me when it was manufactured? Neither of serial number seem to line up with the timeline on this web sit. Thanks, Paul. That was during the transition period during Mt. Vernon, and Elkhart production.

Vernon serial numbers appear to end around 30, I own a new old stock Bach 37 cornet, absolute pristine. The serial number of my cornet is My tax day horn! Were some parts from Mt. Maybe but your bell most likely was made in Elkhart Indiana.

Pride to show the high level craftsmanship that they had knowing how Mt. Vernon horns were revered were motivating factors of the workers. Vernon horns provided that the condition of the instrument warrants consideration.

I have serialit is in rough shape, but was wondering if it should be restored. Anyone on here have any tips or info to share?Order by:. Available to:. Up for your consideration is a used.

Bach Instrument Serial Numbers

Still in playable condition. Although has some wear, dings, light scratches, and a larger dent in the bell that has been unprofessionally"repaired" Mouth piece that is included is not the original and is a bit rough. The case is decent. With some wear but is secure. Lining has come loose in a couple of places. All as seen in the photos.

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bach mercedes trumpet serial numbers

I allow the buy 3 days for full payment, and will send the package to the buyer within 24 hours after I have received the full payment. Remember, If you are the winning bidder, you are obligated to pay for. Selling a used but in excellent shape Bach Trombone"Mercedes II" I dont see any dents on it and the brass seems to be in great shape. There is a couple niks on the bottom of the slide but not to noticable.

The case is in great shape. Hardly any wear. Please feel free to send me a question if you have any. Thanks for looking! Happy bidding. Click Here. Double your traffic. I just overhauled it to look and play like the day it was made. All dents have been removed and horn was buffed to a jewelery finish and a oven baked epoxy lacquer finish was applied for MANY years of protection.

I had a kjgood Chicago trombone player play test this and he said it has a real nice sound to it.Order by:. Available to:. Good Playing Condition. Brass Trumpet Used with Carry Case. Bach Mercedes Trumpet Bell.

Band and Orchestra Bore Size: 0. Key: Bb. Weight: 2. The valves and slides fit quite well and compression is good for this type of horn. There are a few minor and dings and some visible areas on the bell bow where I removed some dents. Lacquer is good overall. Valve action is good and plating looks good. I am an experienced trumpet player. Collector, and teacher. I have collected, repaired, and played trumpets for over 48 years. As a knowledgeable and experienced amateur.

I have a lower cost of operation than a commercial enterprise, and can keep my costs low. You can see from my eBay rating that I have been careful to insure that I only supply quality instruments. And inspect, prepare, and describe them properly. I have thoroughly inspected this instrument. Replaced the felts and corks and aligned the valves as needed, and made sure that it plays properly, and has proper tone for your beginner.

I have cleaned the instrument thoroughly. Polished all slides to prevent corrosion from locking the slides and valves, and properly lubricated the instrument with high quality lubricant. I have been asked whether this is recommended as a student instrument, and I can say that these instruments have been highly rated by many teachers for beginners and advanced players, but I suggest that anyone buying an instrument for a younger student ask his or her teachers if they agree with that brand.

Many teachers do have preferences, and this can affect a student's progress. I will. However, flatly state that many of the"bargain basement" new instruments from the unknown manufactu. Bach Mercedes trumpet-Stradivarius stile.

bach mercedes trumpet serial numbers

Vincent Bach Ml Mercedes 2 Trumpet. Such a beautiful Trumpet. Only three small dings on the bottom side about 4 inches from the bell. The bell is in perfect condition. This is a Bb trumpet and would be perfect for student who would also use it beyond school as it is an intermediate level horn. This instrument has been very well taken care of.

This is an absolutely beautiful sounding-playing instrument. Comes with bach 5c mouthpiece. Music holder that clips on the horn for marching, and music stand for stationary practice.

And a muffle thing. I have pictured Two cases-You can choose what one you would like.Medium Bore. Excellent condition, no signs of repair work. Excellent valve condition. No lacquer raw brass. Serial 13XXX, I think it was built around Free blowing, balanced. Good condition. The famous getzen fast valves. This one as a leapipe from Charlie Melk. Good compression. The conn 2b is a pretty modern trumpet, as modern as a bach strad or similar horn. Made as a Medium large-bore Silver with a 37 bell and 25 leadpipe.

Excellent compression like bew. No repairs. Some visible repair work, nothing major e normal signs of use. Built aroundlike new, without any sign o f use.

bach mercedes trumpet serial numbers

Typical Baroque sound, ideal for that style. Large bore. Silver plating, unique valve design designed by Maurice Andre. Valves are offset to ergonomically match the natural hand motion. Valves have excellent compression and condition. Looks like were redone. Visual repair on the top front bell brace very solid.

Serial number shows that was made in Roy Hempley. With Bill Siegfried. This article is dedicated to Gilbert Gil Mitchell. During his career, Gil was many things: soloist, conductor, educator and soldier. Bill Siegfried above was among his many students. Gil was also a good friend of Vincent Bach who entrusted him with quite a few of his important treasures.

This prompted a question about why anybody would think so highly of a Bach Mercedes trumpet.

Bach Mercedes II

For his help and inspiration, this article is dedicated to Gil—Mercedes trumpeter. In when Bach sold his company, he turned over significant archival material to the buyer, the Selmer Company. This material provided specifications and insights into production decisions made throughout his career.

In addition, Bach provided summaries of his products. Taken together, the information still did not convey everything Selmer needed to know. The reason for this is easy to understand.

Serial Numbers

Looking at his archives now without being able to tap into his thoughts, it is impossible to describe all aspects of his production choices exactly right. Close is possible; exact is not. The reason for bringing this up is that discussing Mercedes instruments is almost the most complicated aspect of Bach production, second only to Stradivarius production. The definition of a Mercedes instrument varied widely over time. If a person now owns one of these instruments, two questions arise.

First, is it a standard Mercedes? Second, could it satisfy a current playing need? Obviously, answering the second question depends on the trumpet player, but answering the first question has to be based on what Bach considered the standard to be when the instrument was made. That can be contrasted with what happened with Stradivarius instruments. If a trumpet player today wants to buy a Stradivarius trumpet, he or she may choose from a variety of bore sizes, bells, mouthpipes and other aspects of the Stradivarius line of instruments.

Many of the combinations may be tried at a Bach dealer. For most of his career, however, Bach made most of those choices himself for all of his models. The following illustrates choices Bach may have made available. Picking a month at random, here are the shipments to buying entities in June In that month, Bach shipped instruments to 65 different entities, meaning dealers and other recipients such as the United States Marine Corps.Bell diameter is 20 inches, height is around 43 inches.

Vocal Horn. Vocal horns are essentially tenor horns pitched in F that use a "French" horn mouthpiece. CO may mean Importing Company. The bell of the instrument measures 11" in diameter. It measures Trombone; Bass. White Co. Cleve O. Pan American. Instead of the usual globe logo with the American continent, the engraving is of flowers around the name. The sections attach by fiction fit. Vocabell original condition, but with the wrong finger buttons.

Serial Numbers – Trumpet

Note the Art Deco styling for the period s : rimless bell, stylized spit valves, geometric valve casings, elaborate engraving, heavy gold-tone lacquer finish. Tenor Horn. Alto Horn. Trombone; Sopra. Conn, ininvented the "visible embouchure" mouthpiece which was semi-tranparent bakelite. I assume this is the mouthpiece pictured with this horn. Photos used courtesy of Steve Bentrup. Perfected Wonderphone. Deplaix Paris Kevin: One of the more distinctive features of all of them is the routing and vertical positioning of the through tubing from the third valve crook to the bell stem.

Trombone; Valve. Engraving: C. The bell is 15" across, The horn is 43" high Image used with permission of Harv Hartman.

Baritone; DB. Has jeweled finger buttons and bell securing screws, slotted main bell alignment and special fifth valve cap holder to lock in playing of second bell. Perfected Wonder.

Features an thumbwheel tuner and the interconnecting mechanism that moves all three valve slides when the main tuning slide is moved. Built in BBb, with either three or four valves, they add a deep and sonorous voice to any ensemble in which they may be used.